Shankar is an orthopaedic surgeon practicing in Gateshead, United Kingdom.  He was born and brought up in India.

He has the dubious distinction of being one of the youngest in Bangalore University at that time to get a degree in Science at the age of 17 yrs!  He was studying Masters in Palaentology when Medicine beckoned.  He graduated from Bangalore University in 1978 and left for foreign shores, disillusioned, when the corruption and nepotiss shattered his ideal world.

He continued his training in Orthopaedics in the United Kingdom, obtained fellowships of Royal Colleges of Edinburgh and Glasgow before studying Masters Degree in Orthopaedics from University of Liverpool.

He was appointed a Consultant in Orthopaedics at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead in 1995.  He was Clinical Director of Orthopaedics and Trauma between 1999 and 2003.  During this period he introduced several innovations into the hospital including Rapid Recovery Programme and Minimally Invasive technique for Total Knee Replacements.  He is widely travelled and has performed demonstration surgery in several countries including Austria, Holland, Spain, Denmark and Italy.  He has published widely in scientific peer reviewed journals.

He has just published his first book !A Kangaroo Court: a triumph of mediocrity’ and is about to publish his second book ‘Harappa;The lure of Soma’.


12 responses to “About

  1. \susan

    And a really great bloke too

  2. \susan

    Still waiting for my free sighn copy LOL

  3. Thank you Susan. I am waiting for the copies of book to arrive!!

  4. Paula

    Don,t forget my freebie as I think u a great bloke and consultant too. ha ha

  5. Let me sell first 1000 copies and I will give out free copies to all my friends!!

  6. \susan

    Don’t forget you can book sign from my hatch. LOL

  7. I will certainly take up that offer if the book becomes famous!!

  8. I hopped over from WanaTribe. Nice to meet you!

  9. Thank you Jennifer. It is nice to meet you too.

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