Harappa : The Series

Experts tell us that we can see around 10,000 stars through naked eye.  Ancient civilisations looked up at the stars and thought they were Gods or God’s representatives.  Almost all the ancient civilisations studied the stars and linked the movements of the stars to what happened here on earth.  Mesopotamians and the Egyptians not only recorded the positions of the stars, but also used the stars to design their massive temples and pyramids.   The great Pyramids of Giza are related to the position of the Orion constellation.  Mesopotamians built their Ziggurats in line with the stars.  Mayan Indians designed their temples and pyramids based on the positions of the stars.

Harappans of Indus/Saraswathi valley civilisation were no different.  Middle of the third millennium BCE was the golden era of the Harappan Civilization.  It stretched from the Hindu Kush Mountains in the west, to the Ganges-Yamuna doab in the east, Himalayas…

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