Shankar is an Orthopaedic Surgeon practicing in Gateshead, United Kingdom.  He was born and brought up in India.  He studied Chemistry and Zoology at St Joseph’s College, Bangalore and has the dubious distinction of being the youngest graduate for the year 1972 in Bangalore University at the age of 17 years!  He was studying Masters in Palaeontology when Medicine beckoned.  He is an alumnus of Bangalore Medical College graduating in 1978 and left for foreign shore, disillusioned, when rampant corruption and nepotism shattered his ideal world.

He continued his training in Orthopaedics in the United Kingdom, obtained fellowships from Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Glasgow in 1985 before going to do his Masters Degree in Orthopaedics from University of Liverpool.

He was appointed a Consultant in Orthopaedics at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, where he led the department of Orthopaedics and Trauma as Clinical Director from 1999 till 2003.  During this period he introduced several innovations into the hospital including the revolutionary Rapid Recovery Programme and Minimally Invasive technique for Total Knee Replacements.  He is widely travelled and has performed demonstration surgery in several countries including Austria, Holland, Spain, Denmark and Italy.  He has published widely in peer reviewed scientific journals.

He has just published his first book “A Kangaroo Court: a triumph of Mediocrity” which appeared in Kindle form in November 2011 and the print version in April 2012.  His second book, “Harappa: the lure of Soma” is due for release in summer 2012


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