It is finally done!! A Kangaroo Court is finally ready to be released!  It should be available for buying from from Wednesday!!



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  1. Adele Duggan

    Well done, what’s it about? Adele

  2. GSRoysam

    Very Good Shanks, looks v professional.
    How are your travels in India?

    • Thanks Sashi. It is so far so good. I am now in Mysore on the way to Mudigere. It is very hot here with occasional thunderstorms. I had been busy over the few days with posters, cards etc for the book. The book is now on sale on I will present your copy as soon as my copies arrive home!! My regards to everyone at home. I went to your house last week, but the door was locked. I am going to call before going next time – Tuesday or Thursday. Shankar

  3. Suresh Joseph

    Impressed Byrne blog and even more by the theme of the planned book! Wish you all success with it and the release of KC. Have a great trip and see you soon.

    • Thank you very much Suresh. I am having a good time in India. It is very hot here.
      I hope AKC will get a good response. It is live on and hopefully in the shops by beginning of May. I am trying to get the Harappa finished before I get back home! Shankar

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