Hello the World

This is my entry into the world of Blogosphere!!

I have an idea that I will enjoy writing this.  I am at present researching for my latest book – Harappa – the lure of Soma.  It is a fiction based on history, archaeology and lots and lots of imagination.  The story take place in 2500 BCE.  It has drama, suspense, sorcery and history all rolled into one.



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2 responses to “Hello the World

  1. This is a magnificent blog and the design is breath-taking. And it took so much of my breath, I’m dizzy. I would prefer LESS, this is all a bit much, but you’ve done a terrific job with your blogs.

    • Thank you. It is really appreciated. I am using the research I am doing to write my blogs in my forthcoming series of books – Harappa. First of the series is being published by Palimpsest and released in September 2013. I have just been offered a contract for the second book of the series!!

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